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Vocal Aerobics Fitness 4 CD Set
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Vocal Aerobics Fitness 4 CD Set

Price per Unit (piece): $35.00
Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:4
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Includes 4 Instructional CD's and a Study Guide

CD 1: Fitness & Focus - this disc starts you down the road to better vocal fitness by helping you develop a daily vocal exercise program and become a vocal athlete! In a set of light vocal aerobic exercises, you'll work on focus and resonance. Besides developing a 'Righteous Buzz,' you'll also learn about your own built-in 'woofer' and 'tweeter.'

CD 2: Tone & Range - At a medium vocal aerobic pace, you'll discover what a good tone feels like and how it sounds. This video tape helps you explore your vocal range through fun high impact aerobic exercises. You'll also learn practical ways to smooth out the transition between the different registers in your voice.

CD 3: Lift Points, Parts & Breathing - Are you a Soprano? Mezzo? Tenor? Settle it once and for all as you discover your lift point during these practical exercises. You'll also learn how to instantly harmonize with 'Shake and Bake' harmony! Using the 'Breath Management Technique,' you'll get a great work out as you tone up those diaphragm muscles and build vocal endurance through proper breath support-essential for good singing and speaking.

CD 4: Enunciation, Q & A's and Performance Tips - Great tone, phenomenal range and proper breathing are of no use unless you can be understood. On this video, you'll learn how to work your 'enunciator' for maximum efficiency. You'll also find out Steve's answers to vocal students' most frequently-asked questions. The discussion finishes with keys to a successful performance

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